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Auto & Home Insurance

Auto Insurance

When someone mentions car insurance, you may yawn, say that you have minimum liability coverage, and consider the matter a closed subject. It is worth considering, however, what a minimum liability coverage policy actually provides. If there is an accident where you are deemed liable, a liability policy will cover the other person's vehicle repairs...not yours. A liability policy will also provide funds for the other person's medical treatment and any damage to personal property. It may also provide funds up to a certain level should the injured party decide to sue you. What a minimum liability insurance policy does not do is pay for any of your medical expenses or repairs to your vehicle. In some situations, this level of coverage may be appropriate. Every driver is different. That is why it is important to visit with the agents at KeyLife Principle Brokerage. They've been helping protect Kentucky drivers for many years.

When you purchase a new car, your financing lender may require that you carry a certain level of coverage for the life of the loan. The same is true when you are leasing a vehicle. Their contract may require you to maintain collision and/or comprehensive policies. Even after repaying the loan, you may opt to continue this coverage for the benefits and peace of mind they can provide. The team at KeyLife Principle Brokerage in Kentucky understands that every individual and family is different with varied driving styles. Families with teen drivers will need a different level of coverage than a young married couple just starting out in life, for instance. They can help you find the best policy for you. Visit their website to use their online tools, then call them to discuss your needs. Protect yourself and your family today. You never know when you will need insurance coverage but when you do, have the right policies in place. Call KeyLife Principle Brokerage today!

Home Insurance

As a significant personal asset, you want to do everything that you can to protect your home. From fires to storms to theft, an appropriate homeowner's policy not only protects a family's property but their financial future, as well should the unthinkable occur. While you may agree that an insurance policy is a good idea, most mortgage lenders will require you to secure and maintain a certain level of coverage while you are paying off your loan. This contract stipulation protects their investment should the home be damaged or destroyed during the life of the loan. The team at KeyLife Principle Brokerage help Kentucky homeowners find the coverage that they need.

A homeowner's policy truly works for you and your family. While it protects the home itself, it will also cover any outbuildings and structures on the property. The policy will also cover all personal possessions. This coverage extends to items that were damaged, destroyed, or stolen away from the property. If, for example, your laptop was stolen from a local coffee shop while you are working on your 'great American novel', it would still be covered. This is why it is important to maintain an inventory of your possessions. A policy will also provide the homeowner with some liability cover should someone be injured on their property. This can help cover any medical and legal expenses that arise from an accident where the owner is deemed negligent.

A home insurance policy provides property and financial protection for you and your family. When looking at coverage options, an additional consideration is the inclusion of flood insurance. Flood damage and repair is not covered in home insurance policies so having the additional peace of mind is sometimes merited. Visit KeyLife Principle Brokerage's website today and explore their online tools. Then call their team. Why wait to discover the coverage options you and your family have.

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